HEE International Medical Graduates (IMGs) Evaluation Report

The NHS has looked to International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to increase the number of doctors, particularly in primary care. Over 10,000 IMGs joined the UK medical register during 2021/21.

IMGs face well-understood challenges in relocating into a demanding professional development role, combined with barriers including: the impact of living in an unfamiliar culture, speaking a different language and being away from family and support networks; the professional challenge associated with working as a doctor in a healthcare system which may have significant differences from their previous experience; potentially facing stereotyping and bias; and practical issues around accommodation, residency status and finance.

As a result, IMG progress to qualification is typically slower than their UK-educated peers. Health Education England – now merged with NHS England – developed a strategic national programme, delivered through its regional structure, to support IMGs during their progress to qualification as general practitioners.

This report, independently produced by Verve, comprises a review of the first year of this programme and recommendations for future development of support for IMGs entering primary care.

Download HEE IMG Evaluation Report

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