Privacy Policy

Information about you is collected and stored securely by Verve Communications Limited (Registered in England. Company No. 05358457) of Verve Communications, Suite 153, MyOfficeClub, 67-71 Lewisham High St, London SE13 5JX

We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Reg. No. ZA107980). We collect this information to enable us to fulfil contracts we hold with clients (and we may not be able to provide services without this information), to provide consultancy and advisory services, promote our services, maintain our own accounts and records, to support and manage our employees and to comply with our duties to keep records for PAYE and tax purposes.

The legal basis for collecting this information is usually (1) the performance of the contract we hold with clients, employees and contractors; or (2) if we do not hold a contract with the individual, to further our legitimate interests in growing our network of business contacts and disseminating good practice in communications and public relations. We will keep this information during the time of an individual’s involvement with us or our services and usually for a period of up to 6 years afterwards.

The information may include names, addresses, job roles, telephone numbers, financial and bank details, national insurance numbers, passport details, education and employment history, photographs, visits to our web pages, location data, social media profiles and other personal details. The data you provide may be supplemented by other information from publicly available sources (e.g. to verify your identity).

In some circumstances, we may share information about individuals with our partner organisations in order to provide appropriate services. We may also share information with our technology suppliers and service providers to provide the services (such as web developers, web-hosting and cloud-based accounting services). We may sometimes transfer personal data to non-EEA countries when using cloud-based service providers (e.g. SurveyMonkey or Base Camp). If those service providers use servers based in the United States, they will normally be certified as compliant with EU data protection rules through the Privacy Shield scheme.

We and our partners will hold this information in confidence and comply with all our responsibilities under data protection laws. You can obtain further information about your data protection rights such as the right to access or object, and how to make a complaint from the Information Commissioner’s Office –

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